Quality Management System

Our company has implemented a Quality Management System, which is based on:

  • Selection and verification of suppliers,
  • Quality control and segregation of incoming raw materials,
  • Regular and rigorous inspections of storage conditions of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and packaging,
  • Quality control of semi-finished products at every stage of production,
  • Analysis of physical-chemical parameters and baking quality of finished products,
  • Supervision and verification of hygiene rules, regular assessment of sanitary and technical condition as well as tidiness in the plant and its surrounding, the condition of production equipment and vehicles for flour transportation.

Under this System, all production processes in the plant are subject to internal control. The in-house laboratory plays a special role in the whole process, which for verification of the correctness of the laboratory methods used participates in a circular analysis conducted by the Institute of Biotechnology of the Agricultural and Food Industry in Warsaw.

Quality control


The quality of  raw materials (at time of delivery), semi-products (at all stages of production) and finished products is inspected.

The internal inspection system is made of three stages:

  1. Physical and chemical analysis – measuring humidity, ash, falling number, protein and gluten; range of the parameters is chosen due to the use of the flour.
  2.  Flour rheological properties tests – alveograph and farinograph analysis allow quickly evaluate the baking quality of produced flours.
  3. Flour baking quality tests at baking laboratory – is the last stage of the control process; its results determine the product release to the market.

External analyzes are performed according to annual quality control plan and include for the raw material: mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and for the final goods: microbiology, mycotixins, water activity, etc.

Our company holds following certificates:

  • IFS (International Food Standard)
  • BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety)
  • GMP+

The mentioned certificates are available in the To Download tab.

We obtained our raw material (grain) mainly from Żuławy area, an outstanding grain-producing region. We cooperateonly with approved suppliers.
Each production lot has its unique number, that allows us to trace its production back to the field.