Gdańskie Młyny is a well-known and respected producer of cereal products. 
By following the latest trends and satisfying the needs of the most demanding clients
the whole team is involved in the continuation of an over 70-year-old tradition.

Besides the client’s success, ensuring high and stable quality of our products
and their hygienic safety are the most important elements of the company’s development strategy.

The design of the production plant allows for all employees to be consciously involved
in the execution of this strategy.

Experience gained over the years, together with the implemented most advanced milling
technology and with in-process quality monitoring guarantee the highest, stable quality of products
and additionally allow for adjustment of the products to individual needs of the most demanding
industrial and individual clients from all over the world.

We have access to one of the best in Poland market of high quality grain, which is Żuławy.
Good localisation of the mill facilitates the cooperation with local farmers from the area of Żuławy,
an outstanding grain-producing region.

Other strategic advantages of the mill are its own shore and grain elevators in the port which
grant access to various types of imported grain and secure the continuity of production also in periods
when crop quality is Poland is not sufficient.

Gdańskie Młyny upholds over 70-years’ tradition of Zakłady Zbożowe “PZZ” in Gdańsk.
In 1993, as a consequence of economic transformation, Gdańskie Młyny i Spichlerze PZZ Sp. z o.o. was established.
Three years after, the German investor  – Hemelter Mühle GmbH – bought from the Treasury
100% of shares of Gdańskie Młyny. In the same year the construction of a new mill Ostrów (capacity 300t/d) was started.
The investment ended in 1999. The new mill became one of the most modern mills in Poland. In next years the company
has focused on developing the market position and securing higher quality standards of its products.

The Integrated Quality Management System was implemented and a baking laboratory was launched.
In 2003, in response to market demand, a decision was made to increase production capacity in Ostrów
by an additional 550 tons per day. New line was set to motion in June 2004.

In 2012 the company decided to close down its rye mill in Skarszewy. The line A of mill in Ostrów
was rebuild and adjusted to rye production.

Currently the mill in Ostrów has the total  milling capacity of 600 tons per day.

The company is constantly working on improving the hygiene and quality standards of its products.
The latest investment under this strategy is grain optical sorter for rye line purchased in 2018.