Our brands:

In our offer for home-baking we have following product lines:

  • Wheat flours “z kłoskiem” – well- known and valued for years traditional light flours
  • Rye flour – ideal for baking homemade bread
  • FIT flours – the line dedicated to people who want to eat healthy
  • Bread mixes and pizza flour – ready-to use products, that will allow you to easily prepare tasty bread or pizz

Wheat flours "z kłoskiem"

Flours “z kłoskiem” is a line of traditional light flours, which includes:

  • Tortowa flour –is ideal for the preparation of sponge cakes and other delicate doughs.
  • Wrocławska flour- ideal for preparing cake, waffles, yeast cakes or dumplings
  • Gdańska flour -is a regional version of Wrocławska flour
  • Krupczatka flour – it is light coarse flour;  is ideal for preparing shortcrust pastry, dumplings,  patties and home-made pasta
  • Luksusowa flour – best for baking pancakes, homemade rolls, yeast cakes or French pastries and to thicken sauces.

Rye flour

In our offer you will also find rye flour type 720. It is a standard flour used for baking homemade bread. It can also be used for baking gingerbread, marbles or other spicy cakes.

FIT flour

In our FIT flour line you will find:

  • spelt flour type 630,
  • wholegrain spelt flour,
  • wholegrain wheat flour-ideal for wholegrain pancakes, cakes, bread or dumplings,
  • wholegrain rye flour- ideally suited for ginger cakes, Russian pancakes, bread or “żurek” – traditional Polish sour soup.

Bread mixes and pizza flour

In addition to standard flours, we also offer bread mixes and pizza flour.

This line consist of following products:

  • Rye Bread Mix – for preparation of traditional rye bread
  • Wholegrain Spelt Bread Mix  – you will prepare aromatic whole-grain spelled bread.
  • Baltonowski Bread Mix – for preparation of traditional light wheat-rye bread.
  • Wholegrain Bread Mix with Amaranth NEW! – allows you to prepare home-made wholegrain bread with this ancient grain, just add water
  • Wholemeal Bread Mix with Sunflower Seeds NEW!-allows you to prepare home-made wholegrain bread with sunflower seeds, just add water.

Baking mixes can be prepared in traditional way – by hand and baked in the oven, but also they are suitable for the bread baking machines.

There is also the possibility of production according to your own specifications under your brand.