We offer wide variety of wheat, rye and spelt flours. Our flours are available in bulk (delivered in the silo trucks), or in paper bags of 25 kg and 50 kg.  We have at our disposal divided bulks, so we are able to supply several types of loose flour in one delivery.


To meet the market demand, we have expanded our offer with bakery mixes. The product range “100% natury” is based on the following guidelines :

  • Clean label
  • Innovative, specially selected, natural ingredients: ancient grains, fruit fibres
  • Simple, single-phase technology

The “100% natury” range includes following products:

100% Spelt Mix – this baking mix does not contain any other flour except wholegrain spelt flour. The  flax fibre and flax seeds had been added to the mix to increase nutrition’s value of the bread.

Mix Farro – this baking mix is based on flour from ancient grain – emmer (also called FARRO). It is a composition of wholegrain emmer flour and rye bread flour. It is also enriched with lentil and sunflower seeds and apple fibre.

Mix Chrupek – baking mix for dark bread with an extremely crunchy, cracked crust and a sweet and sour taste. The added micronized fibres increase the freshness of the bread, but also cause the crust of the bread to crack in a characteristic way.

Wheat flours

We offer the following wheat flours:

  • type 450: tortowa, “pięćsetka” – the ash content to 0,50%
  • type 500 – the ash content from 0,51 % to 0,53%
  • type 550: luksusowa – the ash content from 0,53% to 0,58%
  • type 650 – the ash content from 0,59% to 0,69%
  • type 750: chlebowa – the ash content from 0,70% to 0,78%
  • type 850 – the ash content from 0,80% to 0,88%
  • type 1850: graham – the ash content from 1,61% to 2,00%

    Our Technologist remains at your disposal. 
    Aside from standard products, the offer includes a wide range
    of ready-made baking mixes for the production of bread and small bread.
    At your request, we can also prepare a dedicated mix.


Rye flours

We offer the following rye flours:

  • type 500 – the ash content to 0,58%
  • type 720 – the ash content from 0,59% to 0,78%
  • type 1150 – the ash content  from 0,79% to 1,31%
  • type 1400 – the ash content from 1,31% to 1,60%
  • type 2000 – the ash content up to 2,00%

Spelt flours

Thanks to high level of protein spelt flours have good baking quality. Spelt gluten is relatively elastic. 
For bakers, spelt is “grateful” raw material. It gives the baked products a characteristic taste and aroma.
In our offer we have two types of spelt flours: light one – type 630 and wholemeal.
Usage of each flour in recipes may vary depending from Technologist’s vision and expectations of
potential consumers.
Very high patability is also achieved in all types of baked products prepared with light spelt flour.
They have a very well-colored, crispy crust and a delicate, aromatic crumb.
Ingredients such as seeds, herbs, dried fruits and others can also be used in spelt baked products.