Our production plant is located in Gdansk – one of the largest ports in the Baltic.  
This location is optimal for shipping goods by sea: 
DCT Gdańsk S.A. – only 7 km
BCT Baltic Container Terminal – only 32 km
Of course, we also have the option of shipping our products by land.
This applies to both flours in 1kg packages, 25-50kg bags, but also to flour in bulk.


We offer a complete list of traditional wheat, rye and spelt flours used in the baking industry,
as well as innovative products such as 100% Spelt Mix or Waffle Mixes. 
To learn more about our product portfolio please check For Customers tab.

Next to our basic product portfolio our modern production line and flour mixers
give us the possibility to produce flours according to individual orders presented by customer.
At the request of the customer we are able to organize a visit at our local farmers, or prepare
a baking show in our baking laboratory. 

Below are the basic parameters of our export products:


Caring about customer satisfaction, we guarantee the expedition of purchased products
in the most suitable way for our client.

Below are some basic palletizing and loading systems for selected means of transport:

Palletization of home-baking flours

Palletization of bakery flours

Containers (without pallets) - bakery flours

Ships - bakery flour

Port handling of vessels

Another aspect of the company’s operations are services in the port cargo handling and storage of bulk agricultural products.

Range of services offered:

  • unloading of vessels;
  • assembly of specific batches in the elevator;
  • loading on board.

Goods for which transhipment services are provided: cereals, legumes and other grains, loose and pelleted ground grains.

Ships overall dimensions:

  • maximum draft– 8 m,
  • maximum length of vessel (LOA) – 160 m,
  • max vessel DWT – 10000 tons.

Storage capacity amounts to 12 000 mt of hard grain and 10 000 mt of meals. Discharging rate for grain is 120 mt/h and for meal 80 mt/h. Loading rate is 200 mt/h and 150  mt/h  respectively.